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Jack Anthony


Jack Anthony has served 45 years in many space engineering, operations, leadership, program management and education roles.   This includes 26 years in the Air Force and 19 years in the space industry.  He worked in the National Reconnaissance Office and served with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in several special roles.   His passion for astrodynamics includes extensive experience in orbit maneuvering and rendezvous and proximity operations (RPO).  He created the YouTube sensation the “Orbit Element Dance.”   He’s a passionate “explainer of space stuff” and earned the call sign “Sensei.”    Whether it be planning and executing our RPO missions or comprehending what shenanigans our adversaries are up to, Jack’s good to have around.

Jack brings some unique experiences that include his 2003 role as Department of Defense liaison deployed to NASA Johnson Space Center in support of the Space Shuttle Columbia accident investigation.  In 1984 he was a visiting educator at the USAF Test Pilot School and continues to be a guest teacher for the Space Force Space Test Course there.  He served in several space control programs including the F-15/ASAT test program.    From 2019 to late 2023, Jack served as an advisor in the National Space Defense Center where he joined the on-duty crews and support teams to assist them in assessing foreign on-orbit space activity and bringing new capabilities into operations.   He’s quick to offer a memorable astro explanation to ensure Guardian understanding and comprehension.