Our Services

Strategy & Policy

We provide insight and advice to inform strategic plans and execution through every phase of a project, from planning to execution.

Domestic & International Market Engagement

Whether creating market-making opportunities or advising on market engagement strategies, we facilitate formative connections across the space economy.

Technology Scouting & Investment

We assess emerging technology and investment opportunities, analyzing target customer needs, and providing strategic insight on technology acceleration, transition, and integration.

Capital Investment & Capture

We advise capital investment managers on emerging space opportunities and match capital to business, enhancing outcomes for all stakeholders.

M&A, Divestiture, and Post-Merger Integration

We help companies identify merger and acquisition opportunities and facilitate post-merger integration, developing structure, personnel and leadership strategies, cultural integration, and policy implementation.

Legal and Regulatory Navigation

We help you traverse the complexities of national and international legal and regulatory frameworks, and to bridge legislative and regulatory hurdles.

Interagency & Intergovernmental Collaboration

We open doors for agency and international leaders to explore partnership opportunities and advance common priorities.

Launch and Range Expertise

Our launch expertise is second to none, with multiple experts and decades of launch and range experience to draw on to help clients make the right choices for their particular needs and objectives.

Space Logistics, Operations, and Mission Sustainment

We help clients plan for and execute long-term satellite operations, support, and sustainment. Getting into space is only the beginning. Delivering continuous value defines the true meaning of success.