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Adversaries’ Launch Cadence Highlights Need for Assured Access to Space 

Escalating launch cadences represent the operational imperative to maintain “Assured Access to Space,” (AATS), that has been a trademark of the United State’s space superiority for the past several decades. 

The Elara Edge: Expert Insights on Space Security

In this episode of The Elara Edge: Expert Insights on Space Security, Elara Nova Senior Partner Col (Ret.) Rob Bongiovi shares his perspective on the role of launch in the TacRS process, and emphasizes that launch is just one factor – albeit an integral one – in establishing TacRS capability.

Victus Nox Illustrates the Rise of Tactically Responsive Space

As space evolves into an increasingly hostile warfighting domain, rapid response capability is becoming an essential part of Department of Defense (DOD) operations.