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The Elara Edge: Expert Insights on Space Security 

In this episode of “The Elara Edge: Expert Insights on Space Security,” Elara Nova founding partner Maj Gen (Ret) Roger Teague and partner Col (Ret) Mark Hughes, co-authors of the White Paper, elaborate on their call-to-action for modernizing the Satellite Control Network and what their research means for Elara Nova’s thought leadership in national security space.

White Paper Ushers in New Era of Thought Leadership for Space Community 

Elara Nova is leveraging its platform to advocate for modernizing the SCN, setting an industry-leading precedent for thought leadership with its inaugural White Paper, “Time for a New Approach with the Satellite Control Network.”

Time for a New Approach with Satellite Control Network

Satellite Control Network Antenna

With a significant change in the threat to these systems and increasing numbers and volume requirements, the U.S. Space Force should undertake a comprehensive view of the SCN acquisition and sustainment strategy to make a revolutionary change to optimize this essential infrastructure.