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New Space Consultancy Answers Industry’s Needs

Leading Experts Form Elara Nova to Help Clients Navigate Modern Space Opportunities

Littleton, Colo., May 1, 2023 – A veritable power team of space experts with a range of defense, intelligence, civil industry, and technical expertise have joined forces to launch Elara Nova as the premier global space advisory firm to help innovators, investors, and government agencies navigate the growing complexities of expanding opportunities in the space marketplace. 

Offering deep expertise in operations, acquisition, logistics, business, science, technology, and policy, Elara Nova was formed by four founding partners:

  • Kim Crider – retired Major General and former U.S. Space Force Chief Technology Innovation Officer and U.S. Air Force Chief Data Officer. Crider is also a senior counselor with The Cohen Group, and a board director and advisor for numerous organizations involved in national security space
  • Mike Dickey – retired Air Force Colonel in research, development, test, and space operations; industry veteran; and former Chief Architect of the U.S. Space Force.
  • Eddie Papczun – proven entrepreneur, executive leader and senior consultant with McKinsey & Co. and the Air & Space Forces Association
  • Roger Teague – retired Major General and former President, Space and Intelligence Systems for Terran Orbital Corp., CEO of PredaSAR Corp., and Vice President of Space, Intelligence, and Missile Defense for The Boeing Company

Former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. (Ret.) John Hyten and former Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. (Ret.) Lester Lyles are both Senior Principal Advisors to the firm. 

“Elara Nova is a unique company – a group of special people from in and out of government, technical and policy experts, all focused on making the space enterprise better,” Hyten said. “I look forward to advising with them on select problems within the space enterprise.”

Elara Nova is comprised of a staff of operations, program management, engineering, business, policy and commercial leaders, analysts, advisors and consultants, along with an unparalleled bench of senior military and civilian executives who have personally shaped today’s national security space environment, including:  

  • Rear Adm Christian Becker, USN (Ret), former CEO of Tyvak Nanosatellite Systems, Commander of the Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR), and senior leader at the National Reconnaissance Office
  • Dr Tom Cooley, former Chief Scientist, Space Vehicles Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory and Chief Scientist for the DoD’s space accelerator, SpaceWERX.
  • Gen. Dewey Everhart, USAF (Ret), former Commander of Air Mobility Command. 
  • Lt. Gen. Dave Mann, USA (Ret), former Vice President of Strategy, PredaSAR Corp. And Commander of U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command 
  • Rob Meyerson, experienced executive leading clients in aerospace, mobility, technology, and investment sectors, Board member for Axiom Space and Sceve, and former President of Blue Origin
  • Sarah Mineiro, former Senior Director of Space Strategy for Anduril Industries, and Staff Lead for the Strategic Forces Subcommittee for the House Armed Service Committee (HASC)

According to Co-founder Kim Crider, “Elara Nova’s collective team strength is its distinctive capability to provide a vast range of expertise from a single source with a focus on solving problems and creating opportunities over the course of a long-term client-firm partnership.   Our goal is to bring the best expertise available to bear in teaming with clients to discover opportunity and see solutions through to completion.”    

“Elara Nova answers a need in the market for connecting needs to capabilities, and rapid problem solving,” said Elara Nova co-founder Eddie Papczun. “We combine leading thinkers and proven problem solvers with the best connections and most extensive background experience anywhere. It’s literally an all-star team of space talent.”

With services including Strategy & Policy guidance, Domestic & International Market Engagement, Technology Scouting & Investment, Capital Investment and Capture, as well as Inter- & Intra-Government collaboration Elara Nova aims to help clients meet their requirements and take advantage of a dynamic market that’s expected to top $1 trillion by 2040.    

About Elara Nova

Inspired by Elara’s eye, an instrument used by sailors to reflect Polaris true north and the Nova’s star’s bursting luminance – Elara Nova is a global professional consulting firm that guides businesses and government agencies toward their north star, with power and luminance to maximize the strategic advantages of the space domain. Discover more: Contact:

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